Lemon Lime Excitement

With a great mixture of lemon and lime, these flavors play delightfully on the tongue. It’s a very refreshing and exciting feeling. Ahh, now this is good tea. Imagine that!

Purple Grace Exquisite Tea is brewed from fresh green tea leaves to bring out its precise flavor and homemade characteristics, and is mixed with fresh lemon and/or lime juice sweetened with organic pure cane sugar to create a smooth and delicious blend. You’ll find no concentrates or additives here.


Refrigerate after opening.

Along with its distinctive homemade taste, Purple Grace exquisite tea can be enjoyed either piping-hot or ice-cold. We highly recommend you try it hot like traditional tea. Just simply pour into your favorite tea cup, heat to your liking and enjoy.

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“Not being a fan of lemonade or citrus beverages, I found that the Lemon Lime tea was refreshing and rejuvenating.”
– Sherrod H, Newark New Jersey

“Great mixture of flavors. It plays delightfully on the tongue and is very refreshing. And best of all, it’s all natural. I’m sold!”
– Edwin Campos

“After drinking the lemon lime tea, it gave me a burst of energy. It took about five hours before I started to wind down. Definitely my favorite flavor!”
– Irene Rodriguez, Belleville NY

“Out of all the flavors – the lemon lime is my favorite! It is is a very refreshing and energetic drink. It’s truly out of this world!”
– Tamika, Newark New Jersey

“Not being a fan of lemonade or citrus beverages, I found that the lemon lime tea was refreshing and rejuvenating.”
– Sherrod H., Newark New Jersey

“Love one flavor, love them all. Have one, have them all. Try the lemon lime hot. It taste great.”
– Jerry Lopez, Newark New Jersey

“It was refreshing, tasty and very delightful. Lemon Lime was delicious and quenched my thirst.”
– Martha Hunter, Bronx New York

“I enjoyed the tea very much. It gave me energy and the taste is very refreshing either hot or cold.”
– Debbie Meyers Copridge