We here at Purple Grace are always excited and happy to hear what matters the most. And that is your honest to goodness feedback on our products. We’ve done our best to capture your reactions since our teas were first introduced in 2007. Below you’ll find a sampling of people’s comments through the years, in whom we’ve come to know as friends and have had the pleasure of drinking Purple Grace Exquisite Tea.
Ahh, now this is good tea. Imagine that!

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Wow! Our family tried Lemon-Lime Excitement & Lemon Peace – absolutely
fantastic! They have a rich green tea taste & it’s not too sweet –
just like we brewed it ourselves, only better:) – Dr. Louis Gambetta & Family



I just tasted the best thing by far..i’ve been a tea drinker my whole
life and from this point on i’m only sticking to purple grace..thank
you purple for creating such a perfect drink. – Fernando
Castro, Bloomfield NJ



The tea is greattttt. I must admit your teas are the best I have
tasted & I plan on ordering some more. – Bishop D. Moore, Maryland

I tried the Cinnamon Grace ice cold and it was amazing! Its the
perfect blend for the fall. – Cindy C., Woodland Park NJ,

Thank you so much for your gift or an assortment of teas. They were all delicious and we both enjoyed them. – Jason & Bryce Cipriano

Thank you so much for the ice tea. It is absolutely wonderful! We will definitely keep our eyes open for this as it is delicious. Wishing you much success and blessings. – Toni

I had the Cinnamon Grace and it was great. It tasted like a fantastic Dessert! I also really enjoyed the logo, the heat lines and snowflake graphics especially. – Jordan Sussberg

I am not a tea drinker but after tasting your teas I am now hooked. I love your cinnamon tea the best yet all your flavors are so refreshing and unique. Thank you for a great tea I am now a tea drinker and will spread my love of your great tea flavors to my family and friends. – Stephanie Selckmann

I’ve had the pleasure to partake in the purple grace experience. WOW! I never thought I could have freshly brewed tea in a bottle. Each bottle taste as though he was brewed just for me. – Toni James, Little Falls NJ



I just love the refreshing taste of Pineapple Delight! It’s great chilled or even frozen. I’ve searched for an all-natural drink, which is also tasteful. This tea rocks and it satisfies! – Esther Bennett, New York NY July 10 2010

I’ve been drinking Purple’s teas for two years and they still taste great. I love all the flavors, but Bananas From Heaven is by far my favorite. I gave my friend Mark a bottle of the banana tea and he loved it! We will be back for more. – Jose Rodriguez, Elizabeth New Jersey July 1 2010

Purple Grace, such a fitting name for what I consider to be the best teas I’ve ever tasted (hot or cold). Having consumed seven varieties (Lemon Lime Energy, Pineapple Delight, Strawberry Love, Cinnamon Grace, Coconut Lime Excitement, Bananas From Heaven and lemon Peace), feelings of pure joy and gratefulness envelop my mind, body and soul. I have been truly blessed for being introduced to such a product. Thank you Ms. Grace and please continue to fill this world with your natural teas. – Sgt. L. Francis, Newark New Jersey June 27 2010

Purple’s teas are fabulous exceptional flavors. Gotta have her teas again. – Officer Mariela Rivera, Orange New Jersey June 10 2010

After tasting Purples teas I don’t want the tea out of the machine anymore. – C/O A. Horsley, Hackettstown New Jersey June 10 2010



It was refreshing, tasty and very delightful. Lemon lime was delicious and quenched my thirst. – Martha Hunter, Bronx NY May 1 2009

I purchase Lemon and Lemon Lime each week. Purple Grace teas are so delicious that my one year old daughter Mariah loves them too! I would recommend them to anyone. – Daniella Bowman, Bronx NY November 4 2009

I enjoy drinking the Cinnamon tea because it is so refreshing. I recommend these flavors to everyone if you want to taste something new and refreshing. – Virtue Anna Heartfield, NYC May 2 2009

Delicious, tasty and well seasoned are some adjectives to describe these teas. My favorite is the Coconut Lime. Take my word and try them for yourself. – Brooklyn, NY March 30 2009

Very delicious and refreshing. Whenever I am feeling drained, they give me plenty of energy. My favorite flavors are Coconut Lime, Pineapple Delight and Lemon Peace. – Sacrifice Hundley, NYC May 5 2009

Strawberry Love is my favorite. Its refreshing tea with a hint of strawberry and it gives you energy! – Virtous, Brooklyn NY May 2 2009

When your energy has been depleted, the tea somehow restores it. I can’t say enough great things about the tea. – Michelle Blakeley June 28 2009

Pineapple Delight, Bananas From heaven, lemon Lime and Coconut Lime. I found these teas to be very, very refreshing and very energizing. The flavors were interesting, delicious and made you crave for more. – Verdeve Scarbrough, Bronx NY May 1 2009

I think Purple Grace teas are the best I’ve tasted. They are absolutely delicious and extremely thirst quenching. – Twelve Watts, Bronx NY October 9 2009

The strawberry is so sweet and tasty. I love the cold flavor on a hot day. If I could drink one everyday with my meal, I would. Its the perfect drink for every meal. – Leah Heartfield, NYC May 2 2009

Love one flavor, love them all. Have one, have them all. Try the Lemon Lime hot. It taste great! – Jerry Lopez, Newark New Jersey July 29 2009

Lemon Lime I enjoyed the tea very much. It gave me energy and the taste is very refreshing either hot or cold. – Sis. Debbie Meyers Copridge May 1 2009

Purple Grace tea hot ice tea was a unique and enjoyable drink. I’ve had Pineapple Delight and Coconut Lime (which you normally don’t see in iced tea flavors). The best part is you can drink it hot or cold (I prefer cold, but they taste great either way). – Morgan Guido, Bloomfield New Jersey October 13 2009

I love to start my morning with a hot Purple Grace tea. Her teas add spunk to your normal boring tea. the best part is that it comes in all different flavors and you can drink it hot or cold. I love the Banana flavor cold especially on a hot summer day. It is the best tea I ever tasted! – Giselle Sojos, Montclair New jersey October 13 2009


I have been buying the products and they are truly healthy to the body. It energizes just like a unique tonic that boost strength while cleaning the blood system. The sugar content is very low and prompts me to drink three times a day for a healthier living. I am grateful to recommend the fresh outstanding products of Purple Grace to any individual, group or organization. From my ow perspective, the products will speak for themselves in the end. – Abraham O.W., Irvington New Jersey January 28 2008

The Coconut lime tea was excellent! – Janice Bracewell, City Irvington New Jersey July 11 2008

My favorites are Strawberry Love and Bananas From Heaven. After drinking the teas, I found that I had more energy. I have been very sleepy at times – drank the some of the tea and then eventually realized I wasn’t sleepy anymore. – J. Lewis, Piscataway New Jersey January 27 2008

Its not like the teas on the market. Purple’s tea area a brand of ice tea where you taste not only the flavors of the tea, but you get hit with the extra added flavor of each hint. Be it strawberry, lemon, etc. – David Lewis, NYC August 8 2008

This is by far the best tea I have ever tasted. You just can’t have one. – Sabbath Lafleur -President of Atlah Superior Fine foods, NYC August 9 2008

One word describes Purple Grace Teas… DIVINE! – Rainbow Farr, NYC August 9 2008

I love the Coconut Lime! Its new and innovative. Its like iced tea has been recreated. – Shiphrah, NYC August 9 2008

The minute I took a sip of Purple Grace teas, I was hooked. They are refreshing and leave you full of energy. Once you drink Purple Grace teas, you will never go back to drinking those other counterfeits. I should know, I am her number one customer! – Princess Lewis, NYC Augusts 9 2008

I love the unique taste of Purple Grace teas. You must try Coconut Lime. Its delicious! – Precious Miriam, Bronx NY August 9 2008


Not being a fan of lemonade or citrus beverages, I found that the Lemon Lime Energy was refreshing and rejuvenating. – Sherrod H., Newark NJ July 10 2007

1) Gives you energy.  2) Makes you feel great. 3) Taste good! – Pavell April 9 2007

It was BANGING! – Rodney Holman, East Orange NJ November 7 2007

After drinking the tea, it gave me a burst of energy. It took about five hours before I started to wind down. My favorite is Lemon Lime Energy. – Irene Rodriguez, Belleville New Jersey November 1 2007

Coconut Lime has a very night-time, tropical or even cosmopolitan flavor. – E. Campos April 17 2007

I can truly say in tasting all the flavors of Purple Grace teas, there has not been one I haven’t enjoyed yet. – Edward Dobson, Newark NJ November 5 2007

Great Mixture of flavors of lemon and lime. It plays delightfully on the tongue. It is also very refreshing and has a cool summery feel. Imaginative. Exciting. And best of all, all natural. I’m sold! – Edwin Campos April 5 2007

Coconut Lime = very good! – A. Mendez April 17 2007

Bananas From Heaven was very refreshing and very light yet bursting with flavor. – Maria, Montclair NJ October 25 2007

Lemon Lime – was very good and my favorite. Bananas From Heaven – very tasty. Coconut Lime – refreshing and thirst quenching. Pineapple Delight – extremely fruity and delicious. – Delenna Wactor, Perth Amboy NJ October 23 2007

Its refreshing. While I’m drinking I’m feeling like a car filling up with gas. I feel all my power coming back. I feel good and stronger the more I drink. – Ali Seck December 2 2007

I never though I would enjoy drinking tea until I tried Purple Grace Lemon Lime Energy. Not only will I drink the tea because it is healthy, but because it taste good also. – Irene Rodriguez, Belleville NJ October 23 2007

Strawberry Love, Bananas From Heaven and Pineapple Delight were all very unique and original, delightfully wonderful and refreshing! – Christina Macchia, Newark NJ October 23 2007

This tea is awesome! Every sip just explodes in your mouth and leaves you wanting more. You just don’t want one flavor – you want them all. Such a wonderful blend of flavors! – Lakisha Ewell, East Orange NJ July 8 2007

Bananas From heaven was very tasty. Normally I don’t like tea, but this was good. – Marianne Ryan June 14 2007

I have tried several flavors and must say that Lemon Peace is by far one of my favorites. It is very refreshing and full of taste. I highly recommend it. – D. Wacton, Beth Ambros NJ December 25 2007