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One rarely has the time to enjoy them selves let alone think back to an era when life lacked the complexity of today’s world. As if written in the book of life itself, tea seems to have that wonderful effect of stopping time and the world around us. From the very first sip, we’re instantly transported to a tranquil and serene place.

We here at Purple Grace LLC have learned throughout the years, how to capture and preserve that moment and essence just for you. There’s no secret to what we do. It’s just the golden rule of keeping things simple.
It is with that rule, we’ll continue to put equal parts love, care and mother nature certified ingredients into our brewing process and into each and every bottle of tea, every single time.

Our ultimate goal is to serve humanity through excellence, righteousness, and truth. It is a simple goal just like the ingredients of our teas, but when combined – leave a powerful and everlasting positive effect.

We here at Purple Grace LLC also decree to sponsor in the same manner, children to become great and awesome world leaders all in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Children are our future. What we pour into them today, can result into a wonderfully brewed world of tomorrow.

Meet the team…


Purple Grace Seck – Founder and CEO

The true heart and soul of Purple Grace Exquisite Tea, Ms. Seck had earned a reputation amongst family and friends for her one of a kind hospitality and loving personality. Whether it was playing hostess to her annual family and friends functions or crafting keepsakes to brighten a loved one’s day, Ms. Seck had garnered a reputation for putting her absolute best into whatever she does. And it is this same reputation that Ms. Seck carries over into Purple Grace Exquisite Tea. With a belief in simpler things mixed with whole parts of love, Ms. Seck learned how to safely blend the most excellent of ingredients for her unique teas at The New York State Agricultural Experiment Station, at Cornell University.

Purple Grace Exquisite Teas are made with fresh fruit and some of the finest tea leaves available. And Ms. Seck believes every sip will leave you wanting more. And we whole-heartedly agree!


Gerald (Salem) Flannory – COO

Mr. Flannory brings over 9 years of valuable experience from the world of advertising over to Purple Grace LLC. Prior to joining the company in 2009, Salem worked for advertising agencies such as Draft FCB, McGarry Bowen and Cline Davis & Mann to name a few.  It was experience garnered from working on brands such as Coca Cola, Pfizer, Wendys, Bestlife and Marriot Hotels that Mr. Flannory was able to present Purple Grace Exquisite Teas in a fashion that more accurately portrays the exquisite nature of the beverages while visually capturing and expressing the simplicity of their ingredients.

At the end of the day, Salem believes taste comes ultimately first and that a visual representation is just a compliment to an already outstanding tasting beverage.


Jeffrey (Joseph) Smith – SVP, Business Development

Mr. Smith began working with Purple Grace LLC on a volunteer basis simply because he believed in the product so much. He was then asked to join the team in 2011 which was an easy sell. Mr. Smith’s experience in sales and customer service adds an important component to the company. His belief is “when you have a great product, the opportunity arises to create a satisfied customer and going to work each day becomes an absolute joy.”